At the internal way Academy training begins with students learning correct body alignment, release of tension, improved balance and connected internal movement. These movements are broken down into individual compartments to allow students to feel and understand how to perform the movements. When we apply these through an open, correctly structured, centred body and a focused mind they are very effective for health and martial arts. Over time we soften, connect and create a flow within our movement working with the connective tissue (fascia), tendons and ligaments, improving blood flow, massaging tissue and internal organs, allowing access to deeper levels of Tai Chi. We effectively learn to create yin and yang through our bodies moving as a whole. The breath is vital when training and is co ordinated with our movements. This enables us to have better balance and rooting within our practise and everyday life. These principles are then applied, within the school, to qigong sets, tai chi form and yoga. Focusing the mind when training brings us out of our heads and into our bodies, a form of meditation. Abdominal breathing is focused on within the training. Obtaining this state of mind and body gives us enormous benefits for mental and physical health, as well as increased stability and awareness of our centre. At higher levels the mind, body and spirit integrate and the training becomes a way of life.

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 Essential Tips for Beginners

1. Practise sincerely and with an open, focused mind.
2. Remain soft as possible at all times.
3. Don't give up or get frustrated if you feel you are not making progress.
4. Five minutes training by yourself is infinitely better than no training at all. 
5. Be prepared to give and take honest, constructive feedback from your fellow students.

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Instructor Spotlight

Roger began his martial arts training in 2000 studying Kung Fu at the Tai Chi Tong Long Association. Two years later he started training in Northern White Crane and Southern Jow Gar Kung Fu at the Shaolin Gym. He continued to train at both these schools simultaneously for the next 12 years. In 2010 Roger began classes at YMAA Orient sport studying Yang style Tai Chi Chuan under Zibi. He soon realised a great passion for Internal Arts . Tai Chi gradually became his focus and only training. He regularly taught classes at this school. In 2016 Roger was introduced by Zibi to the London Central Free Push Hands group in Regents Park. Here he met Lindon, teacher of 7th Breath Hidden Power. Impressed with the skill and soft power of Lindon he began classes. It was under Lindon's teaching he began to understand deeper internal power and connection. With both Lindon and Zibi's approval he has decided to begin teaching a combination of the two schools. He set up Internal Way Academy aiming to teach others and increase his own understanding of Internal Arts through teaching whilst continuing to train under his teachers.


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