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A welcoming Tai Chi School, with a focusing on the Internal Arts and health, located in Ealing/Hanwell. Weekly training takes place in Brent Valley park, open to all levels/abilities

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Our training begins with correcting body alignment and releasing tension, initially practised through standing exercises before being taken to movement. These methods soften and open the body allowing us to access and feel the internal landscape - working with the fascia, tendons, and ligaments. To achieve this involves not only the body but also requires a focused mind. Effectively bringing the mind out of our heads and into our bodies. The modern term for this is mindfulness. Learning to develop a stable, soft, and connected body has enormous benefits for both our mental and physical health.

From a martial point of view, it becomes very difficult move somebody who has trained in this way. We test and develop our training through a practice commonly known as ‘push hands’. Without relying on muscular force and size, we absorb, neutralize and re-direct force, developing a deeper awareness of any disconnection, misalignment, or tension within our bodies. To people unfamiliar with these methods, on contact with somebody trained in this way it feels like their balance is being disrupted by a muscular force, however, what they are truly feeling is a soft, connected, and centred body, expanding into their space.  This way of thinking differs from the conventional understanding of strength. More efficient power can be generated from a body trained to be balanced, soft and connected, as opposed to a body relying on muscular force alone. We learn to create opposing forces, referred to as yin and yang, within our bodies to support this structure within ourselves.

It is also vital to incorporate the breath into our training, hence, a variety of breathing methods are developed upon throughout our practice. This enables us to build, store, harmonise and move energy around the body. These methods date back thousands of years to times when it was vital to self-maintain one’s health.

We apply our development of internal power built from standing and breathing practise, to Tai Chi Form, Qigong, Yi Jin Jing and Yoga. Deepening our understanding and awareness of our chosen art. Using efficient, balanced, and flowing movements, and working with the breath, soft connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, we strengthen our bodies and minds, leading to improved health and energy levels. Developing these skills, is not only essential for our Tai Chi practice, but will enhance any sport practice, as well as general health and well-being.

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 Essential Tips for Beginners

1. Practise sincerely and with an open, focused mind.
2. Remain soft as possible at all times.
3. Don't give up or get frustrated if you feel you are not making progress.
4. Five minutes training by yourself is infinitely better than no training at all. 
5. Be prepared to give and take honest, constructive feedback from your fellow students.

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Instructor Spotlight

Roger began his martial arts training in 2000 studying Kung Fu at the Tai Chi Tong Long Association. Two years later he started training in Northern White Crane and Southern Jow Gar Kung Fu at the Shaolin Gym. He continued to train at both these schools simultaneously for the next 12 years. In 2010 Roger began classes at YMAA Orient sport studying Yang style Tai Chi Chuan under Zibi. He soon realised a great passion for Internal Arts. Tai Chi gradually became the central focus of his training. He began regularly teaching classes at this school. In 2016 Roger was introduced, by Zibi to the London Central Free Push Hands group in Regents Park. Here he met Lindon, teacher of 7th Breath Hidden Power. Impressed with the skill and soft power of Lindon, he began to also attend Lindon's classes. It was under Lindon's teaching he realised a deeper understanding of the internal principles of Tai Chi. With both Lindon and Zibi's approval he has decided to begin teaching a combination of the two schools. He set up Internal Way Academy in Ealing, to teach others and increase his own understanding of Internal Arts.

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